E Filling Software

E-file is the accepted term for electronic filing, or sending your income tax return from a tax software package via the Internet to the IRS. Two benefits of e-filing are that refunds are received sooner and with your tax data going directly to IRS computers, there is no chance of human error or document scanning errors. E-Filing can be done from popular desktop or online tax software titles such as TurboTax and Taxcut.

We understand your unique tax filing needs. In today's fast-moving world where time is everything, we offer online tax filing solutions for individuals that help you save time in achieving Tax Compliance. The solution is simple, smart and easy to use. We also provide tools and tips to help you file an accurate tax return without missing any tax benefit that you can claim.Addressing these needs, we offer you three solutions that help you comply better.

Tax filling solutions for your Employees

Companies today look for creative ways to tell their employees and customers, "we are here for you…we care for you." At Softel Systems, you will find solutions that help you express this in a practical way. Your employees and customers will thank you for helping them eliminate their tax worries. Tax filing solutions for your Employees.

Tax filling solution for your Organisation

Taxsmile offers smart desktop application that helps you automate managing employee data:


Signing the Form 16 physically for thousands of employees is undoubtedly tedious. eF16 helps you convert Form 16 data for each employee into an electronic format. You can then bundle all the Form 16s and affix your company’s digital signature. All Form 16s will be duly signed at just one go! Save time


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