Bulk SMS
Email to SMS

With Softel Systems"Email2SMS", you can easily send SMS to multiple recipients from your mail account. This feature allows you to send Bulk SMS from any E-mail Client/Application to any mobile phone across the globe. So, you need not always logon to your Softel Systems account or stay connected to the internet for sending SMS

SMS to Email

Our free "SMS2Email" feature allows you to send SMS Text as email (SMS text email). Just send an SMS to our gateway number +919316444862 with the recipient's email address as the first word of the SMS. SMS will then be delivered to the recipient almost instantaneously via an email. Anyhow you have to bear the standard charges from your network operator for delivering the SMS.

Mobile to Many

Now, with our unique Mobile2Many feature, you can easily send bulk SMS to contacts in your Phonebook from your mobile handset. Mobile2Many feature enables you to send SMS to your Phonebook contacts without the need to visit our website.

Sub- Accounts

Softel Systems offers its users a Sub-Account facility, wherein multiple accounts can be opened under a 'main a/c'. This allows for centralized management of the sub-a/c's and complete administrative control over the sub a/c's is vested with the Main A/c. The sub a/c facility is useful for clients who have multiple users and would like to regulate/monitor the usage of each user.

Keyword / Two Way SMS

Softel Systems offers you a Two Way Messaging platform which allows you to receive SMS, besides sending SMS. This allows you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages. You can modify/alter or delete these received messages as per your need

This facility is available to all our users registered with us. The Two-way SMS feature works using a 'Keyword' as identifier of your messages. The Keyword can be upto 4 characters. You can specify keywords (such as abbreviated form of your "Nick Name", "BrandName" or "CompanyName


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